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欧宝体育在线登录app-欧宝娱乐官网-首页-点击进入 compressor industry leader in precision measurement equipment

For the compressor industry, automotive industry manufacturing precision workpiece solutions, gas measurement, electrical measurement, functional detection tools, automatic detection equipment, from standard to precision, from possible to certain, from manual to automatic, is our non-standard detection wisdom spanning.

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Focus on micro precision,Providing sophisticated measuring equipment and technical services 欧宝体育在线登录app-欧宝娱乐官网-首页-点击进入 (Suzhou) Co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore 欧宝体育在线登录app-欧宝娱乐官网-首页-点击进入 Group, is located in china-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park, developing and manufacturing high-precision testing equipment and industrial automation control. Focus on micro precision... MORE

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